Revitalize Dry Dull Skin With Powerful Antioxidants.

Mānuka & Hemp Skin Care

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Our Objective is Simple.

Apo.Ge harnesses the ancient healing powers of honey and hemp in hand-crafted formulations reflective of Old World knowledge and traditions. We aim to honor our unique, breathtaking planet through skincare that allows you a daily opportunity to embrace the rejuvenating power of Nature’s abundance.

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Your Skin Will Thank us & so will the planet.

Cruelty & Plastic Free


SustainablySourced, CleanIngredients

Pure 15+ UMFNew ZealandMānuka Honey

Family Farmed Hemp using NonToxic Extraction

Hand CraftedIn California

Tested &Results DrivenFormulas


Powerfully regenerative and rich with potent bioactive compounds, Mānuka honey revitalizes damaged, dull skin and protects against premature aging.

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Nutrient-dense and abundant with therapeutic compounds, hemp nourishes irritated skin, balances oil production and strengthens your skin’s natural barrier.

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Key Mānuka Honey Benefits

Boosts skin hydration

Combats acne-causing bacteria

Stimulates healthy cellular regeneration

Prevents oxidative damage & premature aging

Key Hemp Benefits

Nourishes skin with essential fatty acids

Balances oil production

Soothes inflammation & irritations

Strengthens your natural barrier

Give Your Skin A new lease of life with these supercharged Botanical Beauties

All our glass bottles come packaged in our beautiful cardboard tubes ready for a luxury unboxing experience. 

Apo.Ge on the Ground

With Apo.Ge teams on the ground in New Zealand & California we not only harvest the Finest Ingredients each land has to offer but we work on showcasing the beauty of Mother Nature herself. All our photography is captured by our team of intrepid adventurers who are out there facing the elements and using our products daily. Direct testing for outdoor living.

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Renewing Night Elixir

Wake up and face the day with healthy, toned, clear skin.

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