Woven through time, our evolution is deeply connected to the pulse of plants, pollinators & the planet.

The foundation of Apo.Ge formulas are clean, effective ingredients. Each ingredient has a specific purpose, resulting in a multifunctional product without any fillers or fluff.

biobased ingredients safe for the environment & local watersheds

designed with the life cycle of your skin & the planet in mind

lowering carbon footprint where possible with locally harvested & sourced ingredients

helping to define a new environmentally conscious movement in the beauty industry

Our Philosophy.

At Apo.Ge our mission is simple. To create all natural, cruelty free skincare using high performance botanical ingredients that repair, replenish and protect your skin. We design each of our formulas around the belief that your skin is a living, breathing ecosystem. Just like Mother Earth, your skin is intelligent and knows exactly how to maintain balance. We’re here to support this innate wisdom. What does clean mean to us? It means all Apo.Ge products must meet the highest standards when it comes to sourcing, testing and quality. Every step of our product development is guided by our production ethos.


Absolutely zero animal testing across our entire supply chain

Raw botanical ingredients sustainably harvested & sourced as locally as possible from farmers using regenerative techniques

Only use high performance extracts & actives sourced from companies using green chemistry principles & environmentally friendly manufacturing practices


Preservatives are selected for their safety, irritation potential & efficacy

All Apo.Ge products are tested for preservative efficacy, stability & potency to ensure customer safety & guaranteed shelf life

All products are free from ingredients considered to be harmful to the health of humans or the planet

Our Planet

We take the health of the planet just as seriously as the health of your skin.

Apo.Ge products are meticulously crafted to be safe for the environment and for your health. From the sourcing of our ingredients and the careful selection of our packaging, to the afterlife of our products in local watersheds. We’ve thought of it all.  With over 70% of all plastic packaging produced by the beauty industry ending up in landfills, we’ve decided to take a stand. We are proud to say that Apo.Ge packaging is 100% plastic free. You won’t find any pumps, droppers or spray tops on our products. All Apo.Ge packaging is made from glass, aluminum or paper. Our shipping materials are biobased and 100% biodegradable. We work hard to reduce the amount of single use plastics in our lab by either replacing them with more environmentally friendly options or recycling every single item, including our gloves.

100% plastic free, recyclable, reusable & biodegradable packaging

our bottles only consist of glass with aluminum screw caps, that's it!

Our products are shipped in 100% paper materials, making your delivery entirely biodegradable

no single use plastic pumps, droppers or spray tops on our products

Apo.ge was born from the minds of herbalists, beekeepers and creatives. Keep up to date with all things Apo.Ge here:Our NZ Beekeeper & Photographer Tim @timothynicoll_nz Our California-based formulator Colleen @colleen.apo.ge

ClarifyingMilk Cleanse

Hydrates as it lifts away impurities, revealing skin that is silky smooth and soft to the touch.

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